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The following "Success Stories" indicate a sampling of benefits obtained by sleeping in a cocoon of beneficial negative (-) magnetic field. Magnetico magnetic mattress pads are the only pure negative (-) field magnetic pads properly designed to provide an enhanced steady-state magnetic field (like the Earth's) and the only pure negative (-) field magnetic pad powerful enough to be placed under your existing mattress.

The Magnetico magnetic sleep pad provides energy to every charged particle of the body, enabling each cell to perform its particular function more efficiently. This produces an enhancing effect to any other supplementation, dietary, or exercise programs that you already practice, making our patented design magnetic sleep pad a BASE-LINE health and wellness product. It is also, uniquely, the one supplement you can never forget to take.

Energy is the stuff life is made of ! Supplementing a depleted environmental source only makes sense! Let me strongly encourage you to make this wise, one-time investment in your present well-being and performance. At the same time you will be adding an important building block in your future quality of life.

All Magnetico Beds are on sale. Click the link below for details.
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Disclaimer. These testimonials are from our real customers and reflect their personal experiences with our magnetic sleep pad. Please be aware that individual results do vary. Due to a host of internal and external environmental circumstances, your personal results may not be the same.
EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

Our magnetic sleep pad is a body performance product. But age, health, heredity, etc. do play a factor. Also, life-altering experiences such as major accidents, lengthy surgeries, severe chemical sensitivities, excessive use of prescription and over the counter medications, chronic health problems, etc, may interfere with a normal body response. The restored magnetic field is giving a renewed source of energy the body can use to its advantage at whatever age and stage, albeit not all things are reversible. The Magnetico magnetic sleep pad does have a 90+% Customer Satisfaction Rating!! See Benefits

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Several years ago while I was at a national meeting, I happened to stop by a booth with REAL magnets. Many years earlier I had tried one of what I call Mickey Mouse magnetic mattresses and been less than impressed with any benefit of concentric magnets. I sat down on the Magnetico Sleep mattress, lay down and instantly went into deep relaxation. It felt so dramatic that I returned later and had the same experience. Dr. Dean Bonlie was kind enough to provide me with one of these mattresses (150 pounds) for further testing.

When I sat on the mattress my blood pressure dropped from 120/80 to 100/75. When I lay down on the mattress, my blood pressure dropped to 90/70. I then tested 9 other individuals on the mattress with equally impressive blood pressure results in 7 of the subjects. At the same time we then did computerized EEG brain mapping on 10 subjects, including me. The gauss rating in the center of the person's body would be approx 20 gauss. The results were uniformly impressive. While lying on the bed with 3 inches of foam between patient and magnets, the EEG’s showed strong decreases in all brain activity, especially in the center of the brain, almost as if at the moment of initiating deep sleep. Individuals varied but the power of peak to peak waves decreased by 50% or greater. Without the magnetic mattress, the EEG’s revealed only minimal theta and alpha increases.

There was a significant quieting while on the Magnetico Sleep mattress. I then asked Dr. Bonlie to supply me with magnetic mattresses to test free radical reduction in a total of 6 individuals, 3 women and 3 men. In this situation subjects were separated from the magnets by 5 inches of foam, providing approximately 18 gauss in the center of their body. After 6 months, free radicals were reduced strikingly , from an average of 3 + to 0.5 + ( 81% reduction) in the 3 women but not in the men. I rechecked 2 of the men after 12 + months and still there was no reduction in free radicals. In such a small study it is obviously impossible to know whether this gender difference is universal. We would have to check at least 30 individuals to establish a trend.

Meanwhile there have been reports from other research centers of a variety of benefits from sleeping on these magnetic mattresses, with mattresses 8 to 14 inches thick on top of the magnets. Decreases in angina pectoris and decreased coronary artery plaque are among the most exciting reports. Personally, I find the increased relaxation and decreased blood pressure adequate to recommend this remarkable product. The only potential contraindication is an implanted cardiac pacemaker or other electronic device. And don't put your wallet/credit cards on the mattress! The magnetic strip of the credit cards can definitely be erased.

For more information, call Mike. Toll free at 1-800-654-4394 for details.

Magnetic bed improves arthritis.

Before I got my magnetic pad, I was so arthritic I could not push the electric window control on my car with my fingers. I'm now playing golf... went out and hit 300 balls at the driving range and not even any soreness after.
B. J., mid 70s - BC

I've suffered for ten years...many sleepless nights due to pain! Hands and feet deformed..three months ago I was unable to hold a pen to write, now I'm writing this letter! Since sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic sleep pad, my joint pain is minimal...sleep restful. I would not be without it...words cannot express my satisfaction.
W. B., Age 74 - ON

My arthritis does not bother me nearly as much as it did before the magnetic pad. I sleep really well, have lots of energy and my hair has got thicker and the wave is back. I am 82 this year, had a medical and the doctor told me I am extra ordinarily healthy. I am glad I invested in the magnetic bed pad.
D. H. - BC

My wife is 62 and I am 63. For 6 months prior to purchase my wife slept in a different bed because of severe arthritis in both knees. She now sleeps through the night. This magnetic mattress sure made a difference in our life.
B & I. M. - M

I have been an osteo-arthritis sufferer for the past 12 years. I experienced many sleepless nights because of pain in my back, neck and shoulders, and each morning my hands were stiff and swollen shut. I was introduced to the Magnetico magnetic mattress pad ten months ago and have experienced gradual improvement in my whole body. Thanks to the Magnetico magnetic mattress pad I can now enjoy a good game of golf and other activities.
J. M., Retired - BC

I love to go to bed on my magnetic pad and hate to get up and leave my pad. I have a severe case of arthritis and since using the Magnetico magnetic bed pad, I feel like a new man.

F. M – CA
I have arthritis in the elbow, neck, both hips and knee...controlled by taking Motrin twice daily and rollerblade an hour a day, taking 20 minutes to get pain and stiffness to subside. By the end of the first week of sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic sleep pad, I could rollerblade without stiffness and pain. Now totally off Motrin in two weeks.
D. W – UT

Magnetic pad improves chronic fatigue.

I had generally good health prior to the birth of our son. Then it was debilitating back and leg pain, sleeplessness, fatigue, depletion of immune system and little energy. I exhausted every medical lead I could find for relief. My sleep from the first night on the magnetic pad was a deep and wonderful... no more pain at night. Daytime pain took longer to reappear. I found I could lay down on my magnetic bed to recharge and get relief. We've had our Magnetico magnetic mattress pad for nearly two years. We notice the difference in energy levels if we are away from it for more than a few days. Wouldn't be without it!! . Definitely recommend your wonderful magnetic bed pad to anyone and everyone.!
S. C., - BC

I had been off work for 5 years due to severe chronic fatigue syndrome. Before getting your Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad, the smallest tasks around the house were exhausting to me. I had the magnetic pad for exactly 120 days with no particular results other than improved immunity, evidenced by not being plagued by colds and flu all winter as per normal. On the 121st day, my energy returned so that I felt like going to work again! I am very grateful for this product, which enabled me to return to normal life and work!

T. J, 40+ – ON

Magnetic bed improves fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue.

My teenage daughter was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and for almost a year she spent most of her time in bed. After the first night on the magnetic bed, I saw the difference although she said she didn't feel any better. After two months she was almost back to normal and remains that way. The Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad is the best investment we have ever made!
D. A. - PA

Since sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic pad, my muscle soreness is reduced, and when I do have a flare up, it does not last as long. My immune system is up. I sleep better and have more energy. I look much better too. Friends observe that the former loss of muscle tone around my mouth and accompanying slightly slurred speech difficulty problems have disappeared. The Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad has definitely improved my quality of life.
R. B. - CA

If my house was burning down, my Magnetico magnetic mattress pad would be the one thing I would try to save!
L. Y. - BC

I love my Magnetico magnetic mattress pad. It has almost cured my fibromyalgia of 4-5 years. Thanks!
M. L. - CA

My 24-hour pain from fibrocysts (fibromyalgia) has been chronic for 25 years. I expected improvements from the magnetic mattress pad to be gradual. Already I have new energy and pain is starting to decrease. The color in my face has improved instead of the old gray pallor. I have suffered for several years with ’trigger fingers’ consisting of painful curling and locking, requiring hours of stretching and massage to release. I tried surgery, months of rehab and cortisone, hoping to avoid more surgery, with only temporary results. NOW – NO MORE TRIGGER FINGERS! I can even type again!! I'm elated, delighted and grateful!


I am very grateful to Dr. Scott 0. for introducing me to the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad. I have had a sleeping disorder for the last 15 years, due to fibromyalgia and rheumatism that attacks the muscles. I am pleased to say that I sleep all night, and it's so wonderful to get up in the morning without the stiffness. Thank you.

L. P, Age 43 – BC

Magnetic mattress improves poor circulation.

I'm a diabetic with resulting poor circulation to the extremities. My toe nails had ceased growing for two years. Since sleeping on your Magnetico magnetic mattress pad, the color is returned to my fingers & toes, and the nails are growing again.
R. H. - TX

I am very satisfied with the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad. One of the benefits that I have noticed since I've been sleeping on the pad is an improvement in my blood circulation resulting in warmer hands and feet. Another benefit is the ability once again to fully straighten the fingers on both my hands.
K. S. - MB

Venus Insufficiency: "My doctor prescribed support hose...for the rest of my life. After the third week on the magnetic pad, I could see and feel a difference in the toes and have not worn them (support hose) since, no more swelling. The flow of blood and the valves in my legs have improved."

D. W – UT

Autism symptoms improve with magnetic bed therapy.

Our daughter has high functioning autism and was not sleeping through the night for 7 years! Once she started sleeping on the magnetic pad, she has slept all night and wakes up a much 'happier' child. When she does not sleep in her bed, we notice a negative difference in her behavior. We see such a significant improvement in her behavior that I wouldn't want to give up the magnetic pad!
A. P. - IN

Sleep disorders and insomnia improve with magnetic bed use.

I was using a nasal CPAP machine set at '10cm of water' to control my long-standing (over 25 years) obstructive sleep apnea. Without the CPAP machine I would stop breathing every 5 or 6 breaths for up to 30 seconds at a time. After only 2 months on the Magnetico magnetic bed, I found that I no longer needed the CPAP. I feel great.
A. C. - NS

For the first time in twenty years, I am getting a decent night's sleep! Before, I suffered bouts of insomnia all the time, and if I did manage to get to sleep, I would waken at least 3 or 4 times a night. Now I can count on sleeping straight through! Thank you, Dr. Bonlie, for your wonderful magnetic bed pad.
J. M., - WA

Diabetes symptoms improve with magnetic bed therapy.

Health Summary:

  1. Diabetic neuropathy (nerve death - causing excruciating pain in extremities).
  2. 1-3 bouts daily, lasting from 45 minutes to two hours.
  3. Extreme bloating after meals - Internist tried various medications with little success.
  4. Sleep Disorder - Many years (average amount of sleep: 1-3 hrs per night).
Improvements Since Sleeping on Magnetico magnetic bed pad:
  1. The nerve spasms took 5-6 months to improve to a marked amount. Now they are reduced by 80-90%, with no occurrences at all for 4 to 5 days at a time.
  2. Bloating stopped the first night.
  3. Sleep problem relieved in first few nights. This was all hard to believe it was so dramatic.

D.L., - BC

ADHD symptoms improve with magnetic pad therapy.

My teen-age son has been diagnosed with ADHD. Even with the prescribed dosage of Ritalin (40mg./day), he struggled with impulse control, focusing and time management. Mornings, normally, he was oblivious to time and staying on task. Within the first twenty four hours after sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic pad, I noticed a change in him. He jumped out of bed, alert, focused, and on task, for morning chores and ready for school on time without my pushing and redirecting him. He's now able to focus better in his morning high school classes. Overall, he's an average student, but in his a.m. social studies class, he went on to receive the top award in his class. Socially, he finds it easier to develop and maintain friendships now. Also, we've been able to reduce his Ritalin dosage by half. We strongly recommend the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad for other ADHD young people.
Mom (Jr. High teacher) & Son, RW & JM, AB

Epilepsy and quality of life improve with magnetic bed.

I suffer from epilepsy and thyroid problems and take medication for both. My thyroid has been removed. Levels changed every month and could not be regulated. After 2 months on the magnetic bed sleep pad, it has never fluctuated (now been on pad for 1 & 1/2 years). The seizures have lessened as well. I have improved nail growth. My circulation has improved by 50%, as well as sex drive.
B. L., CO

Heart problems, high blood pressure, bone density
and osteoporosis
improved with magnetic bed therapy.

Bone density rating improved dramatically in the first 3 months on my magnetic bed sleep pad. Used cane to prevent falls. Take walks now without it and seldom use it at all. Tiny varicose veins disappeared in 1 month. In just 9 nights, severe leg cramps that would get me up at night disappeared. Blood pressure was 160 over 90; lowered to 140 over 70 in 3 months with the same medication. Very happy!
E. C., age 93 - TX

I was on heavy blood pressure medication (6-8 tabs/day). My daughter checks my blood pressure 3 times a day. We dropped off the meds as the blood pressure lowered. Today it was down in normal range of 130 over 76. It hadn't been below 80 for years! I am so thankful... it can't be easier than just going to bed at night!
C. D. -OK

My blood pressure was 185 over 136 in February and was on medications for that. Received my magnetic bed sleep pad in early May. In just two weeks on the magnetic pad it has dropped to 120 over 69!
E. S. - NY

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much benefit I've received from your Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad. My daughter purchased the pad for me in 1998 as I had suffered two massive heart attacks in 1991, which left me with only one half of my heart working. In addition, I suffered from severe angina attacks, which usually landed me in the hospital at least once a year. In all honesty, I did not feel anything at first and was fully prepared to return it. My daughter, however, encouraged me to keep the product as it was doing something for me even if I did not actually feel it.

After several months, people I knew started commenting on how good my coloring was and that I seemed to be more energetic. A full year went by without a severe angina attack and/or hospital visit. I started to notice that I was less fatigued, more capable of walking longer distances and finishing small projects around the house. The most important thing I noticed was that I did not seem as susceptible to colds and flu as before. I had not changed any part of my lifestyle and had to admit that the only change was the magnetic mattress pad. I have been hospital-free for more than 3 years now and have enjoyed extremely good health. My energy level is substantially increased and my angina attacks are minimal and easy to control. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. If I had not stuck it out, I would not be enjoying the quality of life I now experience.

J.C., Age 63 - AB

Multiple Sclerosis improving with magnetic bed.

My MS is improving after 8 weeks on the Magnetico magnetic sleep pad… (age 71, in wheelchair). My blood pressure has gone from 163/99 to 144/84. Needless to say, this makes me very happy!
G.G., OK - Age 71

In the four months that I have been using the magnetic pad, I have seen significant improvement in many of my MS symptoms, and, most importantly, I have been able to come off all three drugs I had been taking to help alleviate many of my more severe symptoms. I am completely pain free the majority of the time. In addition, I was very pleased to discover that my employer's health plan recognized the Magnetico sleep pad as a legitimate medical/rehabilitation expense and reimbursed us the full cost of the sleep pad. We only wish we had discovered the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad earlier.
J. C. - NS

In 1980, I was diagnosed with MS. Loss of balance, poor coordination, constant muscle spasms, fatigue and limited mobility are daily symptoms I have learned to live with. I have slept on the magnetic pad now for six months. What I have found to be the most beneficial is that it seems to allow my body to 'bounce back' at a more rapid rate than previous. It has also assisted in less frequent muscle spasms and I am now waking up more refreshed with more energy. It has also assisted in my breathing due to various allergies. It is not a cure for me but is of great assistance to me in allowing me to live a more active lifestyle with additional energy. I consciously have not changed any aspect of my daily living habits to give it a fair evaluation and now can recommend it to others...
A. S. - AB

Asthma symptoms drastically reduced with magnetic bed use.

My son, Zackery, has had asthma so bad, he was hospitalized 3 times before he was 3 years old and on so many medications it would make us both cry. Since he has been sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic bed pad, Zackery has had no major breathing attacks. Now if he has a mild attack, he can recover in one day without hospitals and heavy meds. We have gone from the day when my son turned blue in my arms and 3 days in ICU to, now, at age 9, he is one of the star players on the soccer field!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
S. M., Mother - CA

Magnetic pad therapy speeds soft tissue injury healing.

Following an auto accident five years ago, I have been searching for a solution to pain in the soft tissue of my neck, arm, lower back and leg. After six weeks of sleeping on your magnetic pad, I anticipate a total recovery. With the combination of good food, nutritional supplements and therapy, the magnetic pad has supplied the final piece of the puzzle. I sleep comfortably all night and awaken refreshed. I am full of energy. As a matter of fact, I don't recall ever having this much energy. Thank you!
Name Withheld, VA


Migraine relief / Headache relief with magnetic pad use.

I had been fighting a migraine type headache for about a week. I take 4 aspirin every 4 hours. After receiving my magnetic mattress pad and sleeping on it for two nights, my headache was gone. When the stress of the day begins to turn into a bad headache, I always know that I will find relief when I sleep on my magnetic mattress. I don't wake up sore and stiff in the morning. I was having trouble with the tendons in my ankle (previous injury) but have not been bothered by that since. Thanks again

E. S – WA

When my doctor prescribed my magnetic mattress pad, it was about my last hope of getting some relief from the constant pain and misery of my legs and feet from rheumatoid arthritis. I never even suspected it would help my headaches. I was taking Tylenol 4 with Codeine every 2 to 3 hours, 24 hours a day and I would still have attacks of terrible pain in my feet and legs which have been very swollen for 2 or 3 years. I started getting relief from the first night I slept on the magnetic pad. After five weeks, NO pain pills during the day. I only take 2 pain pills during the night. My level of pain is better than when I was taking a pill every 2 to 3 hours. At 8 months, I have not had a headache since I got my magnetic sleep pad. I am very satisfied. I will not give up my Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad. I would not take any amount of money for my magnetic pad.

C. R Age 76 – TX

I have not had a headache since I began sleeping on my Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad. I was gone on a 2-week vacation about a month after I got it, and I was sure glad to get back because I could feel the return of the severity of my stiffness and aches and pains. It took me several nights to get back to feeling as good as I did before I left my magnetic pad. I'm very satisfied.

E. M Age 72 – TX

Magnetic bed reduces seizures.

I no longer take seizure medication. A am now able to drive, was unable to, due to ADD. I sleep better. My back pain is much better and curvature is less. I rarely get headaches anymore. I am able to finally hold down a job!

J. M, Age Z5 – WA

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
disappears with magnetic pad use.

For many years, PMS made my life absolutely miserable for two weeks of every month. Sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad solved this problem almost immediately! I sleep much more soundly now and am enjoying a marked increase in stamina. Also, my immune system must have improved since this year I did not get my customary one month long cold. Thank You, Dr. Bonlie, for turning my life around! I can highly recommend the Magnetico magnetic pad as an economical way of protecting one's health.

P. R – BC

Restless leg syndrome consistently
eased with magnetic mattress use.

I have had RLS approximately 33 years. My rest was disturbed every night. My whole body would jerk violently. The thing that has made the greatest difference for me is your magnetic mattress pad. My RLS is consistently eased after only a few minutes of laying on it. I can fall asleep peacefully every night and I sleep through the night.Thank you for your wonderful product.

B. L, – CO

Improved T cell count in HIV positive customer
sleeping on Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad.

In January ’92, I tested HIV Positive. Otherwise I have excellent health. I am careful about what I eat and am very physically fit. After you telling the report of improved T cell count in mice placed in an increased magnetic field, I decided it was definitely worthwhile for me to try one of your magnetic pads. I am pleased to report that I have had no drop in T-Cell count since, although it did hold at the same level for a few months, it is now up to 638, which is a substantial increase. You can be sure I will continue to give myself this health advantage and certainly recommend it to others!

Name Withheld, Age 37 – CA

Heart condition improves with magnetic bed.

I am 72 years old and have had five heart attacks. I tried all that modern medicine had to offer, but I was left a virtual invalid, unable to do the smallest task. In just six weeks on the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad, my color greatly improved, blood pressure down ten points, and energy levels up enough that I can even work some. Best purchase I have ever made!

J. S, – OH

Liver disease symptoms eased with magnetic pad use.

I have a congenital liver disease with multiple symptoms affecting me, so I could barely get up to eat and drink. I was unable to sleep well, taking 2 to 3 hours to fall asleep and waking up at 4 or 5 a.m. The first night on the magnetic sleep pad I fell right to sleep and slept so good. It was delicious! After the first week of sleeping on the magnetic pad, I noticed I had energy. Now I'm back to cooking and started gardening again. The aches and pains, and fluid retention are gone too. I wish I'd had the magnetic pad years ago!

N. M L– CA

Child with extreme chemical / environmental allergies and behavioral disorder. Magnetic sleep pad brings immediate relief from insomnia.

Summary: "A. has been diagnosed with zinc deficiency and immune dysfunction, which will be an ongoing condition. She took Ritalin for five years with all its undesirable side effects, and became allergic to that. I had come to expect only 4-5 hours sleep (in segments) per night. The first night on the magnetic sleep pad, A. had a full night's sleep and it has continued for 2½ months now. She awakes pleasant and alert. We thank you for everything..."

J. V – ON

Naturopathic Physician praises our magnetic pad.

Thank you for introducing me to the Magnetico magnetic power sleep pad! I am delighted. In my practice the results have been remarkable. The patients to whom I have introduced the Magnetico sleep pads have responded well and are happy with the results. With my degrees in Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine, studies in acupuncture, physical therapy, Australia Bowen technique and various other therapies, I have naturally been led into a practice of physical medicine including the use of small taped-on magnets, so it is with some amazement that I find a process that gives such relief and comfort in such a simple manner. After all, everyone has to lie down to sleep on a regular basis, so what better way to have therapy! I am sure other benefits will be found from the use of the magnet pads as time goes by, so there is no doubt in my mind that the use of magnetic sleep pads will become one of the major therapeutic agents of the future. Again, thank you!

R. F, OC, ND – BC

Magnetic bed therapy in body building and sports.

Since we purchased our magnetic mattress, in my efforts to body build, I have noticed a nearly 20% lean muscle growth previously unattainable. More importantly, the excruciating pains I was experiencing for years from back muscle strain injuries ceased overnight with the magnetic mattress. Other general health improvements include disappearance of a painful arthritic nodule at my finger joint, 11% decreased resting heart rate, noticeably increased aerobic capacity, and blood pressure reduction from 140/90 to 115/65. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

P. D – WA

Runner – Run times have improved since sleeping on our magnetic bed.

I have been running for 9 years. Since using the Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pad, I have run in 3 formal 5K races. My finishes and run times have improved consistently with each race. In addition my recuperative time has been dramatically reduced. I am also the mother of an 11-year-old son who is very active. Thanks to my Magnetico magnetic pad I never seem to run out of energy these days!

L. V A, Age 37 – CA

Magnetic pad brings relief to Athlete's back pain and tennis elbow.

Re: evaluation of the magnetic pad, it was a raging success. Just as Dr. Bonlie attested, the pad brought wonderful results. Anybody who has circulatory problems, lower back or other related pain should never sleep without this magnetic pad.

J. E, Former Quarterback – CA

Marathon runner experiences increased stamina from sleeping on magnetic bed.

I've been running marathons for 15 years. Since sleeping on the Magnetico magnetic bed, I've noticed a substantial increase in endurance during the latter third of the race, allowing me to finish first or second in my age category. Also it has eliminated most of my post-race nausea, soreness and extreme exhaustion. I can now go out and enjoy a celebration dinner after!

L. M, Age 70+ – CA

Athlete improves weight lifting performance levels with magnetic pad.

Regarding improvements in performance due to sleeping on the magnetic pad. Observations:

  • Less latent muscle soreness at the onset of higher intensity training.
  • Rapid stimulation of cardiovascular strength (faster improvement).
  • Increased recovery time after running, working (monitored by heart rate).
  • Muscular strength levels have been maintained at a higher level, most significantly in a full squat and bench press.

Lower resting heart rate (55 beats per minute). Deeper and more sound sleeping and more energy as soon as I get out of bed. I will keep you posted as to further findings.

R. H – Decathlete (Cdn. National Team Member) – AB

Improved athletic coordination and stamina experienced with magnetic bed.

As a ’past-my-prime’ athlete, I feel your magnetic bed has helped my body return to the coordination and stamina of 15-20 years ago! I could never gain weight before and now have put on 10- 12 lbs. of muscle in two months. Thanks again for your helpful insight into this technology, and I once again shout the praises from the rooftops about this wonderful product!

G. R – NC

Magnetico magnetic beds improve general health and fitness.

I love my magnetic sleep pad. I've never slept so well and I feel healthier all the time. Thanks so much!

S. Mueller – BC

I can't say enough about your magnetic sleep pad! I awake refreshed and get through a hard day's work and still have some energy left at the end of the day. I'm only sorry I didn't know of your magnetic sleep pads sooner! Each day (since sleeping on the pad) my wife feels a bit better than the previous day. I have looked into other magnetic beds and pads and feel that yours is the only one worth using.

B. R. - IL

Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pads are the only pure negative (-) field magnetic sleep pads designed to enhance the Earth's own decreasing magnetic field and the only pure negative (-) field magnetic sleep pad designed to increase your body's energy and performance levels.

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