Bio-Magnetic Theory.

By Dr. Dean R. Bonlie
In brief.

The Earth's magnetic field has decreased by approximately 80% over the last four thousand years.

This geomagnetic field is an essential environmental factor for life and health on this planet.

The human body has adapted to this loss of natural energy, but it seems a reasonable assumption that there would be a corresponding loss of physiological vitality and efficiency in all the functions of the body.

By placing your body in a restored, pure, negative (-) magnetic field equal to or higher in strength to that of earth 4,000 years ago, I theorize that your overall body performance should be greatly enhanced. Magnetico magnetic mattress pads are the only pure negative (-) field magnetic bed pads designed to augment the Earth's declining magnetic field and the only magnetic pad powerful enough to be placed under your existing mattress.

Terms and Important Facts:

Basic Terms magnetico logo

Gauss - Unit of measure of magnetism named after the German scientist who developed it.
Polarity- Direction of energy field.

The Earth's magnetic field is negative (-) in the northern hemisphere; positive (+) in the southern hemisphere.

Health usage: The negative (-) is often designated the north pole field.
The positive (+) is called the south pole field.
This is not scientific, but has developed in usage only.

All terms herein are in scientific electrical terms of
positive (+) and negative (-).

Important Fact:
The brain's output of energy is negative (-) and our bodies are accommodated to the natural environmental field in which we are living. The negative (-) polarity is our operative energy.

Important Fact:
The earth's output of magnetic field is greatly reduced at present to only 0.5 gauss. 4,000 years ago it was 2.5 gauss - 80% higher than now!

The magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pad is the only one correctly engineered to restore the depleted environmental amount of magnetic field to your body during the important restorative hours of sleep.
Four to twenty Gauss is not a strong field at all, but it does take strong magnets to create a unified field of that amount, which will then function as a single magnet, the size of the pad! This unified negative (-) magnetic field goes up 4 to 8 feet above your mattress, so it is passing through your entire body in the same direction and manner as the earth.

Biomagnetic theory in detail.

Why do you need magnetism?

Science has established beyond all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature. There are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you: Your Brain and the Earth. Your astrocyte cells have the capacity to generate electricity and they compose 80% of your total brain cells. They generate a very efficient pulsed electro-magnetic field, which is one source of energy for your body. The Earth is your other source of electro-magnetic energy and it provides a supportive steady-state magnetic energy field, which your body draws on to enhance molecular reactions. These two magnetic energy fields work together to accomplish magnetic resonance, which dramatically enhances the chemical reactions of your body.

Magnetic resonance.

Magnetic resonance occurs when your brain's pulsed magnetic frequency matches the frequencies of the various tissues and organs. This is accomplished in approximately 90 to 100 minute cycles primarily during sleep. Resonance usually will last only from seconds to a few minutes on a given frequency - depending on the urgency of repair or restoration needed. Resonance is desired because it helps repair damage done to cells, makes enzymes and enhances your immunity.

The bad news.

There are two major factors adversely affecting magnetic resonance. A gradual cyclic decline in our geomagnetic field has left the atoms of our bodies in a lower energy state, thus making it more difficult for magnetic resonance to occur. It is estimated that the Earth has lost 80% of its magnetic field in the last 4000 years.

Secondly, outside electromagnetic frequencies that are higher and stronger than those of your brain override the frequencies that resonate your organs and tissues. This leaves you in a fatigued state, which extended over time can often allow chronic problems to develop, basically due to lack of restoring resonance.

The good news is.

These deficiency states can be overcome by the magnetico advanced design of magnetic mattress pads. Magnetico is the only magnetic pad properly designed to provide an enhanced steady-state magnetic field (like the Earth's) to your body during sleep. In North America, the magnetic field must be pure Negative(-) and completely pass through your body, in order to complement the Negative(-) field of the Northern Hemisphere.

There are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you:

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Atom in Earth's Magnetic Field:
Note how the electronsí orbits is altered by the magnet.

How does magnetism affect your body?

Magnetism can affect your body in two ways, the first of which is the Earth-type (or unidirectional) field response. But to properly understand how magnetism helps us, let's start at the very beginning with the atoms of your body. Atoms are composed of even smaller particles, the largest of which are neutrons, protons, and electrons (Fig. 1). It is a principle of physics that if a magnetic field in which an atom exists is increased, the velocity of the electrons and protons will increase or decrease, depending on the direction of the magnetic field and the orbits of the particles (Fig. 2). The outermost, unpaired (valence) electrons are the ones that are shared to make up molecules, which join to make cells that compose the tissues of your body.

How magnetism affects your atoms.

When the magnetic field passes through your atoms in the correct direction, it will increase the velocity of valence electrons and hence their energy state, which in turn enhances the sharing of electrons (Fig.3). Also involved is the increase in precession or wobble activity of some electrons depending on the relationship of their orbits to the magnetic field direction. All this increased action is a catalyst to the chemical reactions in your body. This may remind you, fondly or otherwise, of high school chemistry experiments, where you heated a solution of two elements to combine them to form a new compound. In that kind of reaction heat was the catalyst or energy that made the elements share their electrons.

Which direction ?

The key to this activity seems to be the direction of magnetic field. How does one know which is the right direction? Most cell division occurs during the first two hours of sleep, as that is when your brain produces most of its human growth hormone. The critical valence electrons of the atoms of these new cells will orient their direction of orbit depending on the direction of magnetic field in which they divide. This will be whatever polarity is occurring naturally from the earth where you live. If you are in the northern hemisphere, the Earth's magnetic field is negative (-); in the southern hemisphere it's positive (+). In either location, the Earth's field will pass right through your body in one direction.

Because your body repairs and re-energizes itself during sleep, a supplemental unidirectional field (like the Earth's) is what will give extra zing to those electrons of yours at the right time and in the right direction. It's pretty hard to improve on Nature! And since the Earth's field is depleted, this could explain why people respond so well to increased magnetism--because we are in a deficiency state!

Fig. 3

Atom in Earth's Magnetic Field:
Note how the atoms are sharing
their valence electrons

The bi-polar theory.

The second way that magnetism can affect your body is through the use of alternating fields, in other words, exposing your body to positive (+) and negative (-) fields. You may know people who are sleeping on magnetic sleep pads that are giving bi-polar fields (any magnetic pad placed on top of a mattress), and who find that they have been beneficial. Weak, shallow, bi-polar fields (having both negative (-) and positive (+) fields) with very little penetration of the body, act to elicit an emergency response from the brain. This is because the other half of the magnetic field is slowing down the electrons and protons, which signals a potential problem that the body responds to as an emergency. It accomplishes this by sending more electromagnetic energy from the brain and more blood flow to the whole area where the magnetic stimulus is applied.Initially this form of magnetic energy can be stimulating and may temporally serve to illicit healing response but over time it can exhaust the energy resources of the brain and result in fatigue.

The similarity between bi-polar magnetism & acupuncture.

In a paper presented to the Ninth International Congress on Stress, Feb 97, Dr. Saul Liss proved that the response of the body to electro-acupuncture and a magnet placed on the acupuncture point were almost identical. (Fig. 4) There was an increase in blood levels of serotonin (24%), beta endorphin (45%), and ACth (15%), with a 12% reduction in cortisol. This change in blood chemistry is evidence of the body's emergency response to magnetism and acupuncture. In fact, the Chinese have used magnetism in conjunction with acupuncture for centuries. The result of the acupuncture technique is a net beneficial effect to that area. However, the drawback to this type of treatment is that it is dependent upon a person's vitality level. High vitality = good response; low vitality = poor response. Also, too long or too large a stimulus can deplete overall vitality, and this may leave depleted areas more vulnerable to problems or disease.


The obvious choice between these two methods of treatment is the unidirectional field. It works naturally with your body to help it function more effectively and it increases your body's energy rather than using it. The question then arises, How is it possible to make a pure magnetic field like the Earth's, flowing completely through the body in one direction? Through correct engineering, we, at Magnetico, have designed the only magnetic pad that will give you a pure negative (-) magnetic field that will supplement the Earth's field.

Fig. 4

Many people mistakenly believe that if they place the negative (-) side of a magnet to their body, they are only getting that one polarity. The nature of the magnet is that it must have both polarities, so there is always a return field (the opposite polarity) around that magnet's surface.

Effect of the geomagnetic field
on your body.

Your body is electro-magnetic by design, being composed largely of charged particles such as atoms, electrons, protons, and ions (e.g., potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.). These all perform vital life functions.

Consider how the following basic principles of Physics regarding geomagnetic (directional) fields affect atoms in that field.

  • When the field is increased, there will be a temporary increase in electromagnetic force or charge on the atom which will result in a higher velocity of some of the orbiting electrons and protons (primarily outer ring unpaired electrons).
  • This increase in velocity of some electrons and protons and not others will cause precession or wobble of the atom, leading to enhanced electron transfer.
  • Enhanced electron transfer, is the basic action in all chemical reactions of your body.
Summarized, an increase of the geomagnetic field, which is a directional magnetic field. The magnetic field acts as a catalyst to improve chemical reactions occurring in your body. This should improve all of your body functions. Examples are: oxygen carrying capacity, assimilation of nutrients, manufacture of enzymes, metabolic waste removal, reduction of free radicals, tissue regeneration and healing.
Basic Physics Principle

Magnetic (or cyclotronic) resonance of body tissues is also improved by increased electron velocity, making an even higher level of chemical activity possible.

By applying the above principle to human physiology, it would be expected that ALL chemical and electrical actions of your body would be improved. Some examples are:

  • Faster diffusion of ions and gases through cellular membranes (e.g., lungs, circulatory system).
  • Increased lymphocyte production.

magnetico atom atom in magnetic field

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