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By placing your body in a restored, pure, negative (-) magnetic field equal to or higher in strength to that of earth 4,000 years ago, I theorize that your overall body performance should be greatly enhanced. Magnetico magnetic therapy mattress pads are the only pure negative (-) field magnetic therapy bed pads designed to augment the Earth's declining magnetic field and the only pure negative (-) field magnetic sleep pad designed to increase your body's energy and performance levels. Magnetico magnetic therapy mattress pads are the only magnetic therapy pad powerful enough to be placed under your existing mattress.

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Magnetic therapy benefits substantiate the theory.

As reported by individuals sleeping regularly on the Magnetico design of magnetic sleep pad:

  • Up to 30% increase of the ability of your body to pick up
    and utilize oxygen from the air inhaled.
  • Major increase in your strength and endurance.
  • Up to an 80% reduction in muscle soreness after major workouts.
    Noted in performance records of professional athletes.
  • Most arthritics experience relief from pain and symptoms.*Magnetico logo
  • Most chronic headaches relieved.*
  • Many sleep disorders relieved.*
  • Many feel more energized and require less sleep.
  • Many report improved resistance to disease (colds, flu, etc.)*

Survey of 100 persons randomly selected who slept on a Magnetico magnetic therapy bed power sleep pad for over seven months.

Survey Results*

Magnetico Survey

95% of arthritics received at least 25% pain relief
75% of arthritics received at least 50% pain relief
92% of insomniacs were sleeping 25% better
69% of insomniacs were sleeping 50% better
46% of insomniacs received total relief from sleep problems
41% reported a noticeable increase in energy

91% of the Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pad owners were well-pleased with the overall results obtained.

The number of participants by age grouping is as follows:
25 people were 0 to 50 years of age
35 people were 51 to 70 years of age
40 people were 70+

63 out of 100 purchased the Pad for relief of Arthritic symptoms
13 out of 100 were interested in help for sleep problems 24 persons received significant help with the following conditions: poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, constipation, migraine headaches, prostatitis, varicose veins, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, back injuries, osteoporosis, depression, and emphysema.*

Scientific validation of magnetic therapy...Red Blood Cell Studies

Magnetic responce 1
Note the clumping of red blood cells, typical of stress, health problems or fatigue. Fatigue is normally experienced by everyone at the end of the day and can be explained simplistically as "loss of charge" on body cells.
ON Magnetico SLEEP PAD

Magnetic responce 2
With increased negative (-) magnetic field supplementation, chemical reactions are enhanced, building up the charge on cell walls. The cells will then repel each other, eliminating the clumping. With more surface area available, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells is greatly increased. This occurred in the blood of individuals with a 20 minute session on the Magnetico magnetic therapy power sleep pad.

Pulse oximeter tests also confirm substantial increases in oxygen saturation levels in the blood of individuals who had 20 minute sessions on the Magnetico magnetic therapy power sleep pad.

Fibromyalgia pain reduced.
Overall Pain Rating During a Six Month Study.

Magnetic fibromyalgia study

This graph charts the progress of 111 patients in University of Virginia's six month study on fibromyalgia. 37 people used the Magnetico negative (-) field magnetic sleep pads, 30 people had Nikken dual field magnetic pads, and 44 people had sham (non-magnetic placebo) pads. The pads were slept on every night over a six month period.
As you can see the patients on the Magnetico sleep pads had a higher reduction in pain (32.4%) than the patients on the sham (7.5%) or the Nikken pads (10%). It should also be noted that the Nikken pad was effective in reducing tender point pain on the backs of the patients but not on the front.

More scientific validation
of magnetic therapy health benefits.

University of Virginia Doctors Alfano and Taylor have completed a magnet therapy study.
They treated 111 fibromyalgia patients with magnetic pads (see chart above for details). They tested both the bipolar type and the unipolar (Magnetico) type of magnetic therapy pads for their effectiveness in the reduction of pain and enhancement of function. This was also a randomized, placebo controlled study, which showed an improvement in function and reduction of pain. Only the Magnetico unipolar magnetic therapy pads demonstrated a significant reduction in pain and increase in function as compared to both the non-magnetic placebo pads and the magnetic bipolar pads.

Dr. Gumiel DSc, a researcher working on project Genesis.
Dr. Gumiel DSc, a researcher working on project Genesis for The World Development Organization, studied longevity in enhanced magnetic fields. In testing 23 different species of insects, he found he could increase their life span 5 times on average, as opposed to the control group. He was also able to increase the life span of human tissue cells by 2.5 times.

Dr. G. Lewis MD, conducted a double blind study with 29 of his fibromyalgia patients.
20 patients used the "Classic Magnetico Pad" and 9 used placebo pads, and all were on standard fibromyalgia treatment. At the end of a six-month period, the patients using the Magnetico magnetic therapy pads showed an average of 2.4 times the improvement, which included pain reduction, better sleep, less fatigue, and the ability to do more hours of work. This study was presented to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy in January 1996.

Dr. C. DeMarco MD, of Toronto, conducted a small pilot study.

Dr. C. DeMarco MD of Toronto, conducted a small pilot study on 6 of her worst chronic fatigue patients using the Magnetico mattress and headboard. At the end of 6 months, all patients showed improvement in 3 out of 5 dysfunctions including one patient who improved in all categories. The categories were: sleep, sense of well being, hours of work, fatigue after exercise, and cognitive ability. Three out of six people were able to return to work. Dr. Bonlie presented this study to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.

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Please Note -
EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

The information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is not to be interpreted as a prescribed medical treatment. Regular medical evaluation and care by your physician are advised at all times. Any self-help application is the responsibility of the user of the information. No medical claims are made for these products.

Our magnetic sleep pad is a body performance product. But age, health, heredity, etc. do play a factor. Also, life-altering experiences such as major accidents, lengthy surgeries, severe chemical sensitivities, excessive use of prescription and over the counter medications, chronic health problems, etc, may interfere with a normal body response. The restored magnetic field is giving a renewed source of energy your body can use to its advantage at whatever age and stage, albeit not all things are reversible. The Magnetico magnetic therapy sleep pad does have a 90+% Customer Satisfaction Rating!!

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