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Magnetico magnetic power sleep bed pads.
The only pure negative field magnetic therapy bed pad designed to go under your mattress and the only patented magnetic bed designed to supplement the Earth's magnetic field.

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Why are Magnetico Sleep Pads better than any other magnetic therapy pads and why do they cost more?

Magnetico is the ONLY patented design of magnetic therapy sleep pad engineered to produce a pure negative magnetic field equivalent to or stronger than that of the Earth of over 4,000 years ago and the only pure negative field magnetic therapy sleep bed pad strong enough to be designed to go under the mattress. It is the only magnetic sleep pad correctly engineered to restore an Earth enhanced, earth type therapeutic magnetic field. Our patented design accomplishes this by a specific combination of the following:

a) Number of magnets depending on size of pad.
The king size super sleep system has over 2000 magnets.

b) Size and placement of magnets - 1 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8" Large numbers of super strong magnets critically placed to create a single unified Earth enhanced, earth type magnetic field unlike any other magnetic therapy bed pad available.

c) Strength of magnets - 3950 gauss (mfg. rating) High strength permanent magnets designed to last a lifetime.
Average field strength is maintained for 100 years.

When correctly placed under your mattress, the Magnetico magnetic therapy power sleep bed pad provides your body with a pure negative field ranging from 5 to 20 gauss that penetrates through your whole body. This may appear to be an extremely low number, however, compared to Earth's present depleted measurement of 0.5 gauss, this is a ten to forty fold or greater increase. Scientists have determined that approximately 2.5 gauss was the amount of magnetic field on the earth 4,000 years ago.

Unlike other magnet therapy pads or beds, only the Magnetico magnetic therapy sleep bed pad provides a restored Earth enhanced, earth-type magnetic field, it is safe to sleep on continuously and indefinitely. It is gentle enough for everyone from infants to centenarians! The new magnetic therapy super strength sleep system boost the field from 10 to 20 gauss and is recommended for people with chronic and extreme health challenges!

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What is the difference between Positive (+) and Negative (-) magnetic fields and how do they affect my body?

The pure Negative (-) magnetic field is natural to the body - it enhances molecular action by speeding up the electrons and protons of the structural atoms and molecules in the body. This negative magnetic field replicates the earth's natural magnetic field in all but a few countries in the southern hemisphere. The molecular structure of the structural cells of the body orientates to the type of magnetic field in which it has divided. By putting your body in an enhanced magnetic therapy field the same as the Earth's, which completely penetrates the whole body, you are adding to your vitality.*

The mixed Positive (+) and Negative (-) fields found in other types of magnet therapy mattresses cause an emergency response by slowing down the electrons and protons, which spin around the structural atoms and molecules in your body. This causes a reduction in the molecular action, and, hence, the cellular function. As a result, you may get an increase in blood flow to the area of stimulus as well as increased electrical flow from the brain. This increased electrical flow does increase molecular action. The problem with this method of magnet therapy is that it is using up your body's emergency supply of vitality, which would normally be held in reserve for emergencies.
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Is it possible for me to get too much of a Negative (-) magnetic field? Will it harm me in any way?

In our research, we have used pure negative (-) magnetic therapy fields a thousand times more powerful than the Magnetico magnetic pad for extended periods of time. In ALL cases, we have found only an enhancement of benefits, with no negative side effects.

EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

How Long Will the Permanent Therapy Magnets Last?

The therapy magnets will hold their charge for well over a hundred years!! A Magnetico magnetic therapy bed pad is a lifetime investment in wellness - costing only pennies a night!!

How long will it be before I can feel the benefits of the Magnetico magnetic therapy sleep pad?

Because each person's situation is different, it is impossible to predict when you will feel a difference. Some lucky people feel benefits the first night; others it may take 6 months. The most common time is 1 to 2 months. The important thing to remember is that some benefits, such as increased immunity and increased oxygen saturation may be taking place even though you can't feel them.* This is why we offer our customers a six month satisfaction guarantee so they can have time to access the results.

Do I have to buy a magnetic therapy sleep pad to fit the size of my bed?

YES - if two people use the bed.

NO - if there is only one person in the bed. Please ensure that the pad completely covers the area you sleep in.

Can I use single therapy magnets during the day?

Yes, it is sometimes advisable to place single therapy magnets on injured areas of your body. Use of the Magnetico magnetic therapy sleep pad for restoration of the whole body at night will enhance your body's response when using a single application therapy magnet during the day. Do not use single therapy magnets while on the magnetic bed sleep pad, as you will get conflicting magnetic fields.

Does the Magnetico magnetic therapy power sleep bed pad work with any type of mattress?

Yes. It works with all types of mattresses including coil spring, foam, air mattress, futons, motorized adjustable beds, and the new waterbeds. Old style waterbeds and special types of extra thick (16 inches or more) new style Swedish sleep systems or adjustable fixed box spring air beds may require the new super sleep system model of Sleep Pad. The only variable is the thickness of your mattress. There is a minimal loss of only one gauss between an 8" and a 16" thick mattress.

Can a person, who has surgically implanted screws, hip replacements, etc., use the Magnetico magnetic therapy sleep bed pad?

Yes, it is a medical requirement that any metal implants have to be non-magnetic.
EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

How do I know which side of the magnetic therapy bed to place up?

The magnetic therapy pad will unroll with the correct side up, which has a large label stating "This Side Up". There are placement instructions in the box.

Will the pure negative magnetic therapy field generated by the Magnetico magnetic mattress pad affect other electrical items in the room, e.g. clock radio, TV, etc? How about wearing my watch?

No, the magnetic therapy mattress field will not affect the operation of any of these items. However, it does generate a beneficial counterfield to buffer you from the effects of those electronic devices which may generate potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices may be fatiguing to body cells over time. The Magnetico magnetic therapy mattress will effectively protect you from those potentially harmful fields while you sleep.

Can I use an electric blanket with the magnetic therapy bed?

Yes, it will not interfere with the operation of your electric blanket. Again, the magnetic therapy pad's counterfield of low frequency, like the earth, acts to buffer your body from the high frequency effects of the electrical current flow produced by an electric blanket.

The Positive (+) return field along all sides of the magnetic therapy pad.... Is this harmful?

No, it is not harmful and actually can be stimulating for short periods of time. No problem with sitting on the bed to put on socks, talk to someone, etc. You just wouldn't want to be in it all night long.

How about pets who like to sleep by the magnetic therapy bed or on the bed?

Dogs and cats are more tuned in to magnetic fields than humans. They will probably not stay in the positive (+) field for long, since it is not their natural environmental polarity. However, cats, in particular, might take a liking to the top of your magnetic therapy bed with the Negative (-) polarity!

Is it OK for my young children to be on my Magnetico magnetic therapy bed?

Indeed it is. Many children have their own Magnetico magnetic therapy beds. This is an environmental restoration device. It is not a stimulation device as are other magnet therapy beds which should only be used for very short periods of time even if you are an adult.

Questions about use of our different types of magnetic therapy beds
(classic, core or super sleep system).

In general, the Magnetico magnetic inner power sleep pad (classic, core or super sleep system) can be used with any type of mattress that the pad can be placed under. The pad can be on a box spring, the floor, a platform, or slat base - whatever. Just so there is a minimum of 4" of good density padding above the pad, as with a Futon. This gives the proper distancing to provide a pure negative (-) field.

An average mattress thickness is 8", which is the distancing used in measuring a 4 gauss field going through the body (classic model). With a 4" futon, the person will get a little more magnetism, and with a thicker mattress, somewhat less. 'More' means a little faster result... 'less' will be a more gradual experience. For mattresses over 8" thick or those special types mentioned below we recommend our higher strength core or Super Sleep systems for best results.

The classic or core pad can also be placed under a newer mattress type of waterbed with tubes of water however you will need to use the super sleep system on a traditional, hard side, waterbed because of the thickness of the bladder. Super thick Swedish beds will also get better results using the complete magnetic therapy super sleep system.

Motorized adjustable beds can be used. The pads are flexible and can be placed under the mattress. They do not affect the motor function. Choose a classic, core or super sleep system according to your age and health goals and challenges.

Select-Comfort airbeds (or air mattresses) can also be used, as long as the magnetic sleep pad can be placed underneath the mattress. For best results with this bed we recommend the core model or the super sleep system, especially if the bed has a very thick pillow top. The Magnetico magnetic therapy power sleep pad is the only pure negative field magnetic bed sleep pad designed to go under your mattress.

Why can't I sleep right on the magnetic therapy pad?

Because you have to be a certain distance above the magnets to be in a pure negative (-) field to get consistent long-term good results. Anytime you are right next to magnets, as in other magnet therapy beds or pads, you are getting both fields, which are stimulatory to the body and can deplete your energy reserves over time.

Why doesn't this help everybody with everything if this new source of energy is enabling the body to do its job better?

It is true, our magnetic therapy bed pad is a body performance product. But age, health, heredity, etc. do play a factor. Also, life-altering experiences such as major accidents, lengthy surgeries, severe chemical sensitivities, excessive use of prescription and over the counter medications, chronic health problems, etc, may interfere with a normal body response. The restored magnetic field is giving a renewed source of energy the body can use to its advantage at whatever age and stage, albeit not all things are reversible. The Magnetico magnetic sleep pad does have a 90+% Customer Satisfaction Rating!!

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EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

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