Compare magnetic beds and pads.
Magnetico pure negative field magnetic bed
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Our new Super Sleep System is up to forty times stronger than any other magnetic therapy bed or magnetic therapy mattress pad available today. The Classic is up to ten times stronger.

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Compare The Magnetico magnetic therapy sleep pad to other magnetic beds and magnetic pads.

The Magnetico Sleep Pad is the only magnetic therapy bed pad properly designed and specifically engineered to deliver a pure negative magnetic field, when the person is a minimum of 4" away from the pad. The magnetic field produced by permanent magnets is a safe and natural energy source. Magnets of this type have been used safely in industry for years. There are no known harmful exposure levels and no limitations by government agencies. EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

This totally unique magnetic bed pad holds over seven patents and is the only magnetic bed in the world producing a pure negative magnetic field equivalent to or stronger than the Earth's magnetic field of 2000 BC. We use high-grade, permanent ceramic alloy magnets, (size: 3/8" x 7/8" x 1 7/8") with a gauss rating of 3,950 gauss at the core (manufacturer's rating). Magnets are laminated between two layers of foam in such a way that the pad acts like one large magnet. Magnetico has significantly more magnets than any other brand of magnetic pad and is the only magnetic bed producing a single unified magnetic field. Most importantly, it's design and function is unlike any other magnetic pad or magnetic bed available available today. Magnetico is the only magnetic bed pad that produces an Earth type magnetic field that can be slept on continuously night after night and year after year. The Magnetico magnetic bed pad is the only magnetic bed that actually works in harmony with the Earth's own magnetic field. The life expectancy of the magnets contained in the pad is 100 years. The pad also has a removable cover that can be washed.

A Magnetico power sleep bed pad can be used continuously. Your body does not need a rest from it, as it is properly engineered according to geo-magnetic and physiological principles.
Compare that to other magnetic therapy pads using positive (+), mixed positive (+) and negative (-) or incorrectly designed negative (-) fields which the body does require a rest from.

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Compare magnet therapy beds and magnetic pads.

All other magnetic therapy sleep pads expose the body to alternating positive and negative fields when used as directed. Much like acupressure, this stimulates the brain and the body to fix the health problem using the body's own energy reserves. People can get good results initially, but over time the body's reserve of healing energy will be drained and the benefits will diminish. It is often recommended to take a two to four week 'break' from these types of magnet therapy pads to restore the body's energy levels. The Magnetico magnetic bed works on a completely different healing principle. Magnetico magnetic beds' positive effects actually increase the longer you sleep on it. The patented Magnetico magnetic bed pad works in a completely different manner than traditional magnetic beds. Our magnetic pad will never exhaust your body's energy reserves. In fact the magnetico magnetic bed will actually work to increase your energy reserves. The positive energizing and healing effects of our magnetic bed actually increase over time. Your body will never need a break from our magnetic bed and you will never need to remove the pad from your bed once it is in place between your box spring and mattress.

The weak mixed Positive (+) and Negative (-) fields found in other types of magnetic therapy mattresses cause an emergency healing response in the body by slowing down cellular function. As a result, you may get an increase in blood flow to the area of stimulus as well as increased electrical flow from the brain. This increased electrical flow increases molecular action in the form of a healing response from the body. The problem with this method of magnet therapy is that it is drawing directly from and using up the body's vital healing energy supply which would normally be held in reserve for emergencies.

Magnetico magnetic beds will never drain the body's energy reserves. Magnetico magnetic beds actually supply the body with an additional external source of energy. Magnetico magnetic beds provide the body with an abundant source of natural energy reserve. While sleeping on a Magnetico magnetic bed your body is supplied with the supplemental energy it needs to perform its various healing an maintenance functions.

Even if another company promises a pure Negative field, if their instructions are to place the sleep pad on top of your bed, you will not receive a pure Negative field. The therapy magnets may be facing Negative side up but you will still be exposed to Positive spikes coming off the magnets (see diagram below).

Earth's natural magnetic field

There are many different competing magnetic therapy mattresses and the selection can be confusing. Some useful questions to ask salespeople are:

How many magnets are in the pad?
How strong are the magnets & how strong is the field the pad produces?
What size are the magnets?
What kind of guarantee is offered?
What is the weight of the pad?
Is the pad placed on top of the mattress?

Compare Japanese style magnetic therapy bed pads.

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Compare new style magnetic therapy beds.

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Only Magnetico magnetic sleep pads.

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Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pads are clearly superior.

Compare the Magnetico (pure negative field) magnetic therapeutic power sleep pad, to other magnetic therapy mattresses and magnetic therapy bed pads available today.

The only therapeutic magnetic sleep pad engineered to produce a pure negative magnetic field equivalent to, or stronger, than that of the earth of over 4,000 years ago. Holding seven patents or patent pending on design and construction!

The only pure negative field magnetic bed sleep pad powerful enough to be placed under your mattress. This patented design produces a single unified negative magnetic field that penetrates through your entire body.

Magnetico magnetic power sleep pads allow you to 'Power-Sleep' in a protective cocoon of energy, supplementing a drastically reduced, Earth type, environmental source. It's the one supplement you will never forget to take.

When correctly placed under a standard 4" to 8" mattress, the Magnetico "classic" magnetic power sleep bed pad provides your body with a unified pure negative field ranging from 4 to 6 gauss. It penetrates through your whole body. The core model doubles that (8 to 12 gauss) and the Super Sleep system doubles that again (16 to 24 gauss) depending on the thickness and type mattress.

Our new "Super Sleep System" is up to forty times stronger than any other magnetic therapy bed or magnetic therapy mattress pad available today. The "classic" is up to ten times stronger.

Manufactured with the highest quality magnet purity and weight available.
Magnetic strength remains stable for approximately 100 years.

Carries a full six month customer use satisfaction guarantee.

Carries a one year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Financing available on select models as well as payment with all major credit cards.

Personalized customer toll free service 1-800-654-4394. Please ask for Mike.

All sizes and strengths in stock for a speedy 5 to 10 day delivery.

Magnetico has been proudly helping our customers since 1990
and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

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