Seeking relief from chronic back pain
The benefits of magnetic bed therapy

Dear Friends,
Seeking relief from chronic back pain
that had become a constant, debilitating factor in my life, I began studying magnetism and its effect on the human body. The first Magnetico magnetic power sleep bed pad was designed for myself and it provided back pain relief that no other treatment had achieved. In a short time, I further refined and patented a magnetic bed sleep pad that provided a variety of pain relief for my family and friends. Soon, increasing numbers of people with similar chronic back pain complaints who were referred or had somehow heard of my results requested my product. I, then, formed Magnetico Inc. to manufacture and market our patented Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pads. Magnetico has now been operating since 1990 and is a successfully run family business. Our goal is to help you meet your health goals and that is why we guarantee our product like no one else will.

If you have any questions, please call Toll Free 1-800-654-4394 and one of our U.S.A. distributors, Mike Moynihan, will be happy to assist you.
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THE INVENTOR. Dr. Dean Bonlie MagnetiCo sleep pad logo

President of the North American Academy for Magnetic Therapy

  Dr. Dean Bonlie graduated with honors in dentistry from Loma Linda University. He was involved in the development of marketable dental products. In the 1980's, Dr. Bonlie became interested in the benefits of magnetic therapy and, as a result, has engineered and patented the Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pad.

Dr. Bonlie's Magnetico power sleep bed pad design (multi-patented) has a unique concept. It is the Only design of magnetic bed sleep pad engineered to produce a pure negative (-) magnetic field equivalent to or stronger than that of the earth 4,000 years ago and the only pure negative field magnetic sleep bed pad designed to go under your existing mattress.
Magnetico magnetic bed sleep pads allow you to 'Power-Sleep' in a cocoon of Earth like and Earth enhanced magnetic energy, supplementing a drastically reduced environmental source. The Magnetico magnetic power sleep bed pad is a true body performance product.

Dr. Bonlie has also designed the Magnetic Molecular Energizer or MME. This is a higher-powered magnetic device that will be used by doctors for treatment in clinics and hospitals when approved. The MME is finishing preliminary studies and is now ready for the final, Phase III studies to obtain FDA approval.

Dr. Bonlie is the President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy. He also teaches courses in magnetic treatment at Capital University in Washington, DC. post doctoral program and for the International College of Naturopathy in California.


A Magnetico magnetic power sleep bed pad can be used continuously.
Your body does not need a break from it. Magnetico is properly engineered according to geo-magnetic and physiological principles.
The body does require a rest from other magnetic pads and devices using positive (+), mixed positive (+) and negative (-) or incorrectly designed negative (-) fields. For a full explanation click here.

EXCEPTIONS: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or insulin pumps cannot use a magnetic sleep pad as it will interrupt the function of the device.

Magnetico has been proudly helping its customers since 1990 and is a member of the Better Business Bureau

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