If the water you drink is contaminated, your cells will suffer damage and you will eventually lose good health.

Water energy of life.

EARTH . . . . . AIR . . . . . WATER . . . . . LIGHT. . . . . SPIRIT

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Water, three fifths of the earth is covered with it, and close to seventy percent of our bodies are composed of it. Water surrounds our cells, it carries nutrients to feed them and carries waste products away from them providing us with energy. It is a simple formula really, if the water you drink is contaminated, your cells will suffer damage and you will eventually lose good health. The optimum water source is an untreated, unpolluted, mountain feed, deep underground flowing, spring. Good luck finding that even in the country. Water is not only cleansed as it flows through the Earth it is also energized by the Earth's magnetic field and by the various minerals and crystalline formations it passes. You can buy bottled spring water but with little to no Government regulation on labeling purity and actual source, you could be buying chlorinated river water. I have taken the guess work out of selecting a good source for water buy hand picking what I consider to be the highest quality line of water purification products available in the market place today.
I will tell you that next to drinking from your local urban creek, your worst source of water is from your kitchen sink.
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EARTH . . . . . AIR . . . . . WATER . . . . . LIGHT. . . . . SPIRIT

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