Kokoro Women's Balance Creme,
the original and authentic
bio-identical progesterone brand product.

Natural bio-identical progesterone is a great alternative to estrogen and other dangerous forms of hormone replacement therapy. Kokoro women's balance creme for women's health and women's health issues.

kokoro natural progesterone cream

In his books "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" and "Natural Progesterone." Dr. John Lee stated that progesterone may be effective not only for PMS, menopause and osteoporosis but also as a precursor to other hormones like estrogen and testosterone.*

Dr. Lee stated that Your body's own progesterone protects against breast fibrocysts, helps thyroid hormone action, normalizes blood clotting and blood sugar levels, helps protect against breast cancer, and restores libido.*

For many years, estrogen supplementation has been encouraged for those who have suffered PMS, menopause, osteoporosis and other hormonal problems. Recently, however, researchers have come to acknowledge that estrogen therapy has many potentially dangerous side-effects, including an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Today, scientists, including the late Dr. John Lee of Sebastopol, California, are explaining that these problems are caused by estrogen dominance and a lack of progesterone.

Synthetic estrogens and synthetic progesterone are often prescribed to women who suffer with PMS, menopause, and other hormonal imbalances. However, they often cause undesirable side-effects and they can not duplicate bio-identical natural progesterone's full spectrum of benefits.

Natural bio-identical progesterone cream is a safe and very effective alternative to risky conventional hormone replacement therapies.*

Actually, PMS, menopause and osteoporosis are caused by estrogen dominance and lack of progesterone.* In today's polluted environment we are being bombarded with "xeno-estrogens" (foreign estrogen) from so many petro by-products contained in many of the household items you use everyday. The hormonal balance for both women and men is haywire.

Kokoro Women's Balance Creme is a natural bio-identical Progesterone cream made from naturally occurring plant sterols (diosgenin) found in wild yam (dioscorea) roots. It is important to note that wild yam in plant form (dioscorea) does not contain progesterone and it is not proven as a precursor to progesterone. There are numerous companies selling wild yam cream in the market place however many of these creams do not contain any natural bio-identical progesterone. In addition a majority of the companies selling both wild yam and "natural" progesterone are using some very unnatural ingredients in their formulas.

Click here: for a list of what you will find and what you won't find in the superior Kokoro women's balance creme formula.

With Kokoro Women's Balance creme, natural bio-identical progesterone is absorbed directly through your skin receptor sites without burdening the liver and kidneys.

kokoro natural progesterone cream

Kokoro Woman's Balance cream contains
1,020 mg of natural bio-identical progesterone in a 2 oz.jar.

Books by the late Dr. Lee include
"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause"
and "Natural Progesterone".
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Kokoro Woman's Balance cream contains
1,020 mg of natural bio-identical progesterone in a 2 oz.jar.

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Just a reminder for men, progesterone is a natural pre-cursor to testosterone.* Progesterone is a great alternative to testosterone hormone replacement therapy.* For male health and male health issues.*

kokoro Bio-Identical Progesterone natural progesterone cream

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