Dinshah Ghadiali’s Spectro Chrome
Color Light Therapy System

An Invitation to Awakening The Spirit Within: Level #1.

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Colored light therapy has produced health benefits to those suffering from major depression, SAD, PMS, chronic fatigue, allergies, immune disorders, learning difficulties, neurological problems and a host of common ailments.

Now you can learn how to administer color light therapy on yourself and your family. For about $75.00 to get you started, you can purchase your own parts and create a system to use over and over again for the rest of your life. It will pay for itself the first time you use it so it is virtually free.

Please see the information, provided as a free service, on this affordable
colored light therapy system below.

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"Dinshah Health Society" have been provided free of charge by "The Five Elements of Health" and "Shoko's Natural Products" as a free service to both our customers and the "Dinshah Health Society" with the sincere desire to help bring good health to all people and to acknowledge the "Dinshah Health Society's" continuing educational contribution to our world. Shoko's Natural Products receives no compensation of any kind for any of the products listed on this page and assumes no responsibility for their use or results either written or implied.

EARTH . . . . . AIR . . . . . WATER . . . . . LIGHT. . . . . SPIRIT


The original light color therapy and still the best and most cost effective is Dinshah Ghadiali’s spectro chrome light therapy system. This book, by Dinshah’s son, is the most complete book available on healing with this light therapy color system. It includes detailed information on how to make therapeutic light with the use of specific Roscolene colored filters and on breathing rhythms associated with proper timing of light therapy treatments.
Go directly to
http://www.dinshahhealth.org and order this book and other interesting info on this home healing, color light therapy system right from the society.

Looking for Dinshah recommended color therapy Roscolene filters?
Dinshah Health Society,
P 0 Box 707, Malaga NJ 08328 USA
DHS does not sell color therapy filters; the only recommended filter supplier is:
Products On Demand, phone (203) 322-1774

ROSCOLENE filters as of December 2003 (Do not permit substitutions. Other brands or color filters may look similar but they are not the SAME.)
Roscolene numbers to order: 809, 810, 818, 828, 832, 859, 861, 866, 871,
to assemble:
Red 818,828 Orange 809,828 Yellow 809, Lemon 809,871
Green 871 Turquoise 861,871 Blue 859,866 Indigo 828,859,866
Violet 832,859,866 Purple 832,866 Magenta 818,828,866
Scarlet 810,818,861
Sets assembled as shown above:
8" x 10" sets Products On Demand, phone (203) 322-1774
6 1/2" x 6 1/2" sets Products On Demand, phone (203) 322-1774
20" x 24" sets Products On Demand, phone (203) 322-1774
Individual sheets 20" x 24" Products On Demand, phone (203) 322-1774

Please be sure to visit http://www.dinshahhealth.org and order the book and other interesting info on the spectro-chrome light therapy system. A home healing light color therapy system proven in years of use.

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