Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract

Your healthy heart natural
alternative to an aspirin a day.

Odorless Aged Garlic Extract
Certified Organic Vegan and Raw

Shocking News!

A major research study in Canada found an aspirin a day can actually increase the risk of stroke and heart attack in 40% of the people who take it!

Three other studies from Germany, Britain, and the U.S. support the finding. Aspirin also accelerates the breakdown of your joint cartilage. Aspirin can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and long term aspirin use has the potential to promote the development of ulcers in your stomach and GI tract.

Kyolic aged garlic extract is a great natural blood circulation booster and a natural alternative to an aspirin a day.* In 1998, a long-term clinical trial in the United States measured the effect of aged garlic extract on platelet aggregation (i.e., an action that can decrease blood flow).
This study showed that
A.G.E. aged garlic extract improved blood flow by 25%.*

In another study, aged garlic extract was found to increase capillary blood circulation. A.G.E. Aged garlic extract reduced symptoms associated with reduced micro-circulation. Aged garlic extract also relaxed the smooth muscles of the arterial walls.*

Kyolic odorless aged garlic extract is a great healthy heart natural alternative to an aspirin a day, and it will actually benefit and strengthen your entire cardiovascular system. It's your choice, choose wisely.*

Why should I take Kyolic odorless Aged Garlic Extract ?
Since prevention is worth a pound of cure, proper exercise, rest and diet including garlic are essential for your health. Research has shown that Kyolic aged garlic extract helps improve your blood circulation and many other cardiovascular risk factors.* Kyolic A.G.E. is also proven to enhance your immune function and protect your cells, from oxidation and aging.* Kyolic's odorless aged garlic extract really is your healthy heart natural alternative to an aspirin a day.*

Of all the garlic supplements available,
why is Kyolic A.G.E. the best choice?

Kyolic aged garlic extract is safe, effective, and odorless so that you can take it everyday. The other types of garlic supplements are garlic oil and garlic powders, both of which are odoriferous and not consistently standardized.
The 20 month cold water, cold aging, extraction process used to create Kyolic's aged garlic extract takes almost 2 years to create a finished product, resulting in an odor free garlic supplement that is 50 times richer than raw garlic in active beneficial compounds.

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract contains stable, antioxidant and water-soluble compounds including S-allyl cysteine (SAC), proven effective, safe, present and active in the product and in your body. These essential characteristics distinguish Kyolic garlic from all other garlic products in the world.

Other garlic companies spend a lot of money on hyped up advertising and very little money on the actual production of a quality garlic supplement. Almost all of the research quoted by other garlic supplement companies is actually garlic research done using Kyolic's A.G.E. odorless aged garlic extract. Many of these garlic supplement companies claim allicin as the active ingredient in garlic, but the fact is not one of them contains allicin or delivers allicin to the blood. Allicin is oxidative, unstable, and not bioavailable, it cannot be an active ingredient in garlic supplements. Allicin content is pure advertising hype, not scientific fact.

Until recently medical scientists mistakenly believed that the effective sulphur compound in garlic was allicin. This turned out to be "Allicin in Wonderland", pure fiction. Despite the tidal wave of "no allicin" evidence, most garlic supplement producers still carry a label boasting about this substance in their products.

What a red-faced, ethical embarrassment! Many of these garlic supplement companies claim allicin as the active ingredient in garlic, but the fact is Allicin disappears shortly after garlic is crushed as many authorities have found, and is not bio-available in the human body. In a major court trial, The British Advertising Authority ruled that there is no detectable allicin in any garlic supplement. The allicin myth persists like the legend that cats have nine lives. Allicin has just lost its ninth life!

You want your money's worth in products, health and well-being, so next time you reach for a brand of garlic, reach for Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. When you do this, know that your decision is backed by over 580 medical scientific garlic research studies. The latest double-blind garlic research study revealed that taking Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract may potentially save your life if you are on a statin and / or aspirin therapy.

Now you know why in Kyolic's aged garlic extract you are getting a truly odorless product, aged to perfection and the most effective DNA protector, immune system enhancer, detoxifier and cell activator. Kyolic's aged garlic extract is the worlds most extensively researched garlic and a proven good heart health supplement. Why would you settle for anything less?

There are several secret defense weapons that exist only in Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract.
Active ingredients in garlic A.G.E.;

1. Carboline is the strongest defender of cellular DNA that neutralizes singlet oxygen, and the cellular mugger Peroxynitrite, found only in Kyolic aged garlic extract!

2. F4-protein is the substance that activates immune cell system defenders, natural killer cells, T-cells and macrophage,
found only in Kyolic aged garlic extract!

3. Fructosyl-arginine protects low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from oxidation, the only state in which it can initiate cardiovascular problems, found only in Kyolic aged garlic extract!

4. SAMC prevents the hormone testosterone from changing into hazardous levels of dihydrotestosterone that contributes to abnormal cell growth, hair loss and prostate abnormalities, found only in Kyolic aged garlic extract!

5. SP-Saponin, a priceless adaptogen, helps keep the immune system in balance and activates the most crucial protective antioxidant enzymes in your body: glutathione, super oxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, found only in Kyolic aged garlic extract!

6. S-allyl cysteine is a power-packed antioxidant and detoxifier. Only Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract offers a standardized level of this substance.

7. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is the only garlic supplement to receive a U.S. Patent for lowering homocysteine, a marker more important than high cholesterol.

8. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is the only garlic supplement proven to deactivate phase 2 enzymes protecting the body from potential carcinogens.

What kinds of research have been done on Kyolic odorless garlic?
Extensive research on Kyolic odorless aged garlic extract has been done for 50 years both at Wakunaga research laboratories in Japan and at many prestigious universities and research institutes around the world. Kyolic's A.G.E. odorless
Aged Garlic Extract is the most researched garlic product in the world, resulting in over 580 peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals. If you have read research about the health promoting effects of garlic, it is almost certainly research conducted on Kyolic's odorless Aged Garlic Extract , not raw garlic, garlic powders or oils.
Such clinical and pre-clinical studies focus on diversified beneficial effects
of Aged Garlic Extract . Studies show the following effects:*

1. A.G.E. Garlic's Cardio-protection* Enhances your circulation and reduces a wide range of cardiovascular risk factors.* A great natural alternative to an aspirin a day.*

2. A.G.E. Garlic's Liver-detoxification.* Protects your liver by quickly eliminating toxic chemicals.*

3. A.G.E. Garlic's Immune-enhancement.* Enhances various essential immune factors.*

4. A.G.E. Garlic's Protection from oxidants and radiation.* Protects cells from oxidant injury and radiation damage.*

5. A.G.E. Garlic's Anti-stress and anti-fatigue.* Improves your physical strength, and reduces stress and fatigue.*

6. A.G.E. Garlic's Anti-aging and anti-depression.* Improves your memory function and enhances nerve growth.*

Kyolic odorless garlic extract is cold processed from organically grown garlic under strict quality control in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9002 quality assurance procedures. The cold water extraction process concentrates the beneficial essence of the raw garlic. The aging process not only removes the pungent garlic odor but also enhances the nutritional value of raw garlic and makes it gentle to your stomach. Odorless garlic, certified organic, vegan, raw garlic extract. A.G.E. Garlic's the best garlic product money can buy and the most medicinally powerful form of garlic in the world.

How should I take Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract ?
Take it preferably with a meal. Because Kyolic garlic is so safe, it will not interfere with other supplements or medications. Kyolic odorless garlic is available in its most potent liquid form and is also available in a convenient one-per-day caplet containing 1000mg of Aged Garlic Extract !

Aged Garlic Extract is made from 100% organically grown garlic and is guaranteed odorless. KYOLIC garlic helps maintain healthy circulation and overall cardiovascular health.*
Our garlic is a great natural alternative to an aspirin a day.* Vegan, raw, organic garlic extract.
Aged Garlic Extract A.G.E. is one of the most well-known medicinal foods, www garlic research with its potential benefits as an immune enhancer.*
In compliance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.

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During the 20 month cold water aging process and cold water extraction process, the harsh irritating substances in raw garlic are bioconverted into S-allyl cysteine, a thioallyl amino acid, and other water-soluble sulfur-containing compounds. That is how kyolic aged garlic extract is born. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract is safe, odorless and valuable, as it has all the health benefits and none of the unpleasant side-effects of consuming raw garlic. WWW. Why Kyolic A majority of the successful garlic studies around the world were done using kyolic aged garlic extract A.G.E.. In fact, "Wakunaga" (the makers of "Kyolic"), employs over 100 full-time research scientists and participates in 10 to 15 university published, peer-reviewed studies world wide per year. A.G.E. is the most extensively/successfully researched garlic product in the world.

Kyolic liquid garlic extract is the most powerfully concentrated form of aged garlic and the most economical. A.G.E. liquid is the perfect choice for people who want the world's most potent garlic supplement without anything added, and like our One Per Day caplets, it is yeast sodium and dairy free. Available in a box containing two 2 fl.oz bottles. Total weight is 4 fl.oz of liquid. Suitable for organic vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists.

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Aged Garlic Extract is made from 100% organically grown garlic and is guaranteed odorless. Kyolic's One Per Day formula is the most potent odor free dry form of pure aged garlic extract in one convenient caplet. For those who do not care for the liquid or for busy people who are often traveling. Kyolic One Per Day has 1000 mg of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract in each caplet. Suitable for organic vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists.

aged garlic extract one per day

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