Brevail Proactive Breast and Hormonal Health.*
Brevail is for all women interested in maintaining
optimal breast and hormonal health.

Brevail for breast health

Is Brevail ® for Me?

Brevail is for all women interested in maintaining optimal breast and hormonal health. Annual mammograms, monthly self breast exams, escalating national statistics, or perhaps an unfortunate occurrence in a loved one has raised your breast health awareness and concern. Fortunately you now have reason for optimism!*

Breast Health as Nature Intended.
Brevail contains lignan, a natural compound, ingested in grains, beans, legumes, fruits, and vegetables throughout human history. Research suggests that our bodies use natural plant lignans to safely and gently buffer and balance potentially adverse effects of excess or toxic estrogens, established as the most well-known cause of certain breast and hormonal balance problems.*

Brevail was university researched and developed to increase lignan concentrations in the body to match levels found in women who collectively demonstrate an extraordinary history of breast health and hormonal health.

Brevail provides lignans that are concentrated and standardized from flaxseeds. Brevail was formulated to supplement lignans lacking in your diet, resulting in a gentle return to balance between body and nature.

How Brevail & Lignans Work.

When ingested, lignans work harmoniously with estrogen and estrogen receptors to bring a gentle return-to-balance between body and nature.* Excessive or "bad" forms of estrogen that are left unchecked may have adverse effects in the body.

estrogen photo

Brevail and estrogen

Lignans - Nature, Body and Balance.
Lignans are natural plant compounds locked in the cell matrix of certain seeds, beans, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Lignans bear a strong resemblance to estrogen in shape, structure, and some functionality. While lignans resemble estrogen, they are much gentler to the body.*

The resemblance of certain and specific lignans to estrogen is highly relevant because estrogen can instigate mutations in cellular DNA that may result in breast cancer. To add insult to injury, estrogen may further fuel these cancers once developed.

The strong resemblance between lignan and estrogen enables lignan to compete against estrogen for estrogen receptor sites on breast cells. It is through estrogen receptor sites that estrogen may inadvertently cause cancerous mutations in DNA. In effect, the milder dietary lignans may block the receptor site, displace estrogen and thus reduce the likelihood of harmful mutations. Once displaced, excessive or bad estrogens are harmlessly flushed from the body as waste. The interaction between lignans, estrogen, and estrogen receptors has occurred throughout time immemorial, purportedly to buffer and balance the more powerful human hormones.*

Estrogens have a strong attraction for their receptor sites (think of a magnetic pull). Lignans have a much weaker attraction and must significantly outnumber estrogen molecules in order to effectively compete for, and block, these receptors.

A high-in-lignan diet, or supplementation with Brevail, can raise the percentage of lignan to estrogen to a protective 10,000/1 ratio. Despite the significant numerical advantage with a high-in-lignan diet, or Brevail supplementation, it is impossible to fully occupy estrogen receptor sites with lignan. This appears to be the body's way of self-regulating plant lignans and related compounds in concert with estrogens and other hormones produced by the body. The result is a gentle balance between body and nature.*

Modern Diet Lacks Lignans.
Researchers believe that the western world's digression from a lignan rich diet to a refined "Standard American Diet" (SAD) may be a contributing factor in the escalation of breast cancer. Today, the quantity of lignans in most food sources is fairly small, and the food sources highest in lignans are often missing. Even the most lignan rich foods (flax for example) can vary up to 300% in lignan content. Furthermore, because lignans pass through the human system within 24-48 hours, it is important to ingest adequate quantities of lignan daily to maintain their protective effect.

Prior to the industrial revolution, mankind had consumed a lignan-rich diet. Such a diet had assisted in the natural elimination of excess estrogens, decreasing the possibility for health consequences related to these hormones.

With the industrial revolution came the processing of natural foods, with the resultant reduction of lignans in the food chain. Compound this with a shift in dietary patterns away from whole foods to refined and processed shelf-stable foods, and the result is a diet significantly lacking in lignans compared to approximately 100 years ago. It is not a coincidence that breast cancer has been on the rise ever since.

A decrease in the consumption of food sources containing lignans has left women without the protection nature intended. Women have safely consumed lignans for centuries (through foods), and have benefited from their ability to balance and buffer the potential harmful effects of too much or bad estrogen.

Lignans in Supplemental Form.
Brevail is the world's first and only commercially available lignan product, making it easy for women to raise their physiologic concentration of lignans with a single daily nutritional supplement.

Brevail is concentrated, standardized, and purified from natural food sources to provide a guaranteed potency product at exacting dosages. The proprietary manufacturing methods used to produce Brevail significantly concentrate lignans and additional phytochemicals.

Though Brevail is many hundred fold higher in lignan concentration than most lignan bearing natural foods, it has no known adverse side effects. Brevail is the first and only product of its kind to have undergone stringent human, oral-dosing, pharmacokinetic studies to determine the optimal dose range to meet or exceed lignan concentration in women consuming a high-in-lignan producing diet and with a traditionally very low incidence of breast disease.*

Based on mounting scientific research and prevailing wisdom, we should aspire to ingest high in lignan foods and/or consider dietary supplementation with an enriched lignan-bearing product, such as Brevail, in order to achieve lignan concentrations similar to individuals on a very conscientious or vegetarian diet.*

Brevail ®
A New Safe and Natural Self-Care Solution for Women Experiencing PMS and Menopause.* Please see the testimonies and additional information listed below.

Suggested Use:Brevail Bottle
One capsule per day taken with juice or water, with or without meals.

Not recommended for pregnant, lactating, those attempting to conceive or adolescent females.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size:1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per Serving % Daily value
Vitamin D3 400 IU   100%
Brevail® * 200 mg  
Secoisolariciresinol Diglycoside(from Brevail) 50 mg  
† Daily Value not established
* Lignan extract, concentrated purified and standardized from flaxseed
Other Ingredients:
Rice powder, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, silica, gelatin, titanium dioxide as a natural colorant,
natural vanilla extract for scenting.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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30 Capsules: Brevail SDG Lignan Extract Item # 4153
Our price is $20.80

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To Whom it May Concern:

When I first heard of Brevail, I was intrigued, but I definitely wanted more information.  The part that initially attracted me was protection from breast cancer, but I got so much more.  I have a very sensitive chemical makeup, so a lot of medications react with me and I live as natural a lifestyle as I can.  Even my first day taking Brevail was nerve-racking as I waited to see what reactions I might have, even though I had read that virtually none existed.  

I did have some side effects, but they were all good!  

I've been using Brevail for about a month now, and I have to say, "Thank you!" so much for creating and providing such a safe and amazing product.  My PMS concerns (which hit a very difficult peak earlier in 2005) are eliminated, my complexion has improved, and my overall mood has definitely improved.  I've had to start keeping track of my periods since I no longer have the stress, tension, and general misery accompanied prior to their arrival!  Not to mention the future protection against breast cancer.  Keep up the amazing work!  

Forever thankful,

Tana H.

"As a medical doctor and a breast thermographer, it is clear to me that prevention is the key to maintaining optimal health. I recommend Brevail as a first line of defense for most patients with abnormal thermograms or prior breast cancer. To witness the improvement in breast tissue with Brevail is quite extraordinary. This has been as exciting addition to the Breast Health Protocol I offer my patients."
   Janet R. Greene, M.D.

"I wanted to let you folks know that I've been using Brevail for about 8 months or more and it has made all the difference in the world!!! I no longer have those raging "personal summer" experiences (aka hot flashes) which always made me feel so miserable! When I first started menopause at age 51, I had been using Premarin as my doctor prescribed but when I found out all the bad things it could do, I stopped taking it immediately! Then I tried just about every herbal remedy that came highly recommended but they just never worked for me. Finally, a co-worker suggested Brevail and I found almost immediate relief from those awful hot-flashes. For this, I want to THANK YOU! You've saved me a lot of frustration, anger and all those other emotions that occur when a woman is feeling absolutely miserable."
   Lynda D., Austin, TX

"My name is Debbie. I am a 50 year old woman with Fibrocystic Breast Disease. In the past I have controlled and lessened my pain through diet and supplementation such as evening primrose oil and vitamin E. Now, since I’ve discovered Brevail, I remember what it is like to live pain free. When I began using Brevail it took only a few weeks to notice a difference in my breasts. At first I thought this was a wonderful coincidence, but after a year of taking Brevail, I know it is much more. If I do not use Brevail for more than one week, my pain begins to return. However, when I return to my regimen of one capsule per day my pain subsides. In fact, after a couple of days the pain disappears. I would recommend Brevail for all types of breast ailments as well as overall breast health, and as the manager of a health food store, I do. I appreciate Lignan Research for caring. Thank you. "
   Debbie G.

"Brevail has been a wonderful saving grace for me. It has been effective in helping me regain my mental health, reducing depression, anger and insomnia. I have discussed the positive benefits of your product with my gynecologist and she is interested in learning more about it."
   Linda P.

"Just a note to thank you for your great new product, Brevail. I have been taking Brevail for a short period of time, due to possible Endometriosis and Fibroid Cysts. I started taking Brevail about 2 months before a scheduled doctor’s appointment to determine for sure if I had Endometriosis. I did have the Fibroid Cysts that were found at a previous doctor’s appointment. My monthly was so painful that the cramps would cause me to double over, even lay down for periods of time. This would last up to 17 days out of a month. I’d stop for a week and start right back again. I started keeping a journal of my periods and the pain when I started taking your product. "
   Lisa D.

"I have been a user of Brevail for going on three months. A woman in the healthfood store I shop suggested Brevail because my periods are horrid, my face breaks out, I have headaches, and moodiness at least a week prior to my period. It took about a month before I noticed anything significant, but I now notice less emotional highs and lows. I've just started using birth control pills and hope that the Brevail helps with the extra estrogen. As a full-time student it was a stretch to be able to afford the extra cost for Brevail every month, but now I know that it is WELL worth using. Thank you so much for making this product."
   Danielle D., age 21 Columbus, OH

"Surgically put into menopause three years ago it has been arollercoaster ride trying to find the 'perfect hormone' fit. Brevailseems to be the missing piece of the puzzle, making me feel like I didtwenty years ago, more alive, vibrant and relaxed. Thank you."
   Jill M., age 47

"Brevail has been a very important part of my hormone upkeep. Before I started Brevail, my hormones were out of balance. I have had estrogen dominance my whole life. The Brevail helped me to block the overdevelopment of estrogen and regain a healthier balance. From the moment I started Brevail, I noticed significant changes. The very next day, I was more calm. I wasn't sleepy or tired, but I had a sense of peace and stability. Then I noticed the bloated feeling I got mid-month before my periods was completely gone. Brevail has helped my emotions and therefore has helped my relationships. I wouldn't stop taking it. It is as important as my thyroid hormone. I take them both everyday. I also suggest Brevail to women with thyroid problems like myself and they say they have never felt better. Thank you Brevail!"
   Lisa Norris, THE CAROB TREE, Arcadia, CA

"After my first breast thermogram, I became very proactive with my health. Subsequent thermograms have shown me that Brevail has been an important element in my health program, reversing a potentially devastating disease."
   Skye L. Gibbins

"My Doctor is surprised by my ease of transition through menopause, with a minumim of symptoms. Brevail is just the boost I needed to keep my hormones in balance, with the added benefit of confidence and peace-of-mind. "
   Laurie M., age 53 Executive Secretary

"I have a new friend with Brevail and renewed sense of confidence. Thanks Brevail! "
   Barbara, age 46

"Prior to taking Brevail, I was suffering from intense hot flashes from the moment I would awaken from sleeping. That could be on hour after I went to sleep, in the middle of the night of in the early morning hours. After only 5 days, I no longer experienced hot flashes! I couldn't believe it. If I was ever to call anything a wonder pill (fortunately, not drug), it would be Brevail. I am so grateful for relief that I can feel good about. It really is a blessing."
   Sandi C., San Francisco

"With Brevail I have noticed a much milder period with no cramping. My mood is mellow, with less stress."
   Anja S., age 40, Production, Ferndale,WA.

"Thank you Brevail! I am sleeping better, the hot flashes are almost gone, no more migraines and my mood is better."
   Cindy C., age 45 Moville, IA.

"My PMS symptoms have been much better, especially lower back cramping, and most of all my moods during PMS were better!"
   Alane H., age 42, San Diego, CA.

"My nails and hair are growing much faster and they look great! I have had much less symptoms related to PMS and the time between periods is longer now."
   Teresa H., age 33, Sandy Point, WA.

"Brevail is helping me not feel so crampy when I have my period-and no headaches!"
   Carol S., age 37, Seattle,WA.

"I have had better sleep since starting Brevail!"
   Jackie P., age 55, Bellingham, WA.

"I have noticed a difference in my stress level and the way I deal with things. I am a new person and the women in my church group have noticed the difference in me."
   Lori M., age 42, Bellingham, WA.

"My nails were the first thing I noticed when I started Brevail-they got so much healthier looking! My hair is growing faster and my skin is better."
   Andrea L., Bellingham, WA.

"My cramping that comes along with my periods is gone and my PMS symptoms definitely less with Brevail."
   Kathy S. age 37, Bellingham, WA.

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30 Capsules: Brevail SDG Lignan Extract Item # 4153
Our price is $20.80

Shipping quotes apply to USA orders only. If you are ordering from
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Brevail Capsules 30 #4153 + shipping

Brevail ®
A New Safe and Natural Self-Care Solution for Women Experiencing PMS and Menopause.*

If you are suffering from PMS, pre, menopausal and post-menopausal discomforts, you have been left with few viable and safe alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The shocking news that hormone replacement therapy may cause many of the diseases it was thought to prevent such as breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia is now an established scientific fact.

Brevail should come as a welcome relief to you. Brevail is comprised of plant-based, nutrient-like compounds called lignans that have demonstrated the ability to address symptoms of menstrual and menopausal symptoms.*

Just when many women began to lose hope of finding a safe and effective means to address PMS and menopause, Brevail emerged as a new self-care solution. Brevail is the world's first isolated, concentrated, purified, standardized and guaranteed for potency flax-lignan extract. Most important is that lignans do not pose the potential health dangers of traditional HRT.*

Body and Nature In Balance

Lignans strongly resemble the feminizing hormone estrogen in physical structure, and, therefore, act as a surrogate to estrogen when production in the ovaries begins to wane. Furthermore, lignans stabilize the rise and fall of hormone levels during a woman's monthly cycle.* Barbara M, of Bellingham Washington states: “I am not having any of the severe PMS symptoms or migraines that I was having for months! I feel like my hormones are in balance once again."

Hormonal Harmony
Unlike powerful forms of prescription and animal derived HRT, such as Premarin (Pregnant Mares Urine), gentle plant-based lignans do not propagate hormonally induced cancers such as those of the breast, ovary or endometrium. In fact, Brevail is marketed primarily as a “Proactive Breast Health” product for the “Preservation of Healthy Breast Tissue.” Women taking Brevail for the benefit of optimal breast health noticed value-added benefits such as improved mood, reduction in hot flashes, irritability, cramping, bloating, breast tenderness, headache and insomnia. As a result, some women take Brevail to maintain healthy breast tissue, others to address PMS and Menopause – and most, for all of the above.* According to Laurie M., an executive Secretary from San Diego California; “My doctor is surprised by my ease of transition through menopause with a minimum of symptoms. Brevail is just the boost I need to keep my hormones in balance with the added benefit of confidence and peace-of-mind.”

Continuing Research
Thirty women participated in human oral dosing clinical studies with Brevail. Lignan levels were raised and maintained in urine and blood comparable to women with an extraordinary history of breast and hormonal health.*

One hundred women participated in a subsequent trial usage program with Brevail and reported improvement in mood, sense of well-being and peace of mind, as well as relief from symptoms related to PMS, peri menopausal, pre menopausal and post menopausal discomforts.*

Brevail is a new and important self-healthcare discovery for women experiencing menstrual or menopausal discomforts, and for women concerned with breast health.*

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30 Capsules: Brevail SDG Lignan Extract Item # 4153
Our price is $20.80

Shipping quotes apply to USA orders only. If you are ordering from
outside of the USA you will be contacted concerning additional shipping
charges and available shipping options.

All Foreign Orders please click here first.

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Brevail Capsules 30 #4153 + shipping

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