For increased energy, better health, and a greater quality of life.
The Five Elements of Health.

Only 10% of your energy resources actually come from the food you consume. The remaining 90% of your energy needs are found
in the
Air you breath, the Water you drink, the Light you absorb, the Earth you live on, and the Universe you inhabit.
These are the five elements of health necessary to improve your energy, health and quality of life.

Air .... Water .... Light .... Earth .... Universe

In regards to good health, energy and quality of life, just as in the original oriental thought, you can not place a greater emphasis on any one element while ignoring the rest. Your life elements are always in dynamic interaction with each other. None of the five elements of health are superior to, or independent of, any of the others. Thus, in order for you to achieve proper life balance, energy, harmony and good health, you should be concerned with not only with the healthy foods you consume but also with the air you breath, the water you drink, the light you are exposed to, the Earth you live on, and, ultimately, your Inner Universe (Spirit) that touches humanity and all of creation. It is the correct and balanced combination of these five elements which brings about a true quality of life, energy and good health.

It is with this thought that I present to you a series of hand picked products and ideas representing (in part) the Five Elements of Health. Presented in consideration for your continued good health, energy and a long and joyful life on our beautiful planet, Earth.

The Five Elements of Health represent a new potential for increasing your energy, improving your health, and imparting to you a greater quality of life. Just click on any highlighted word link that interests you, and please take the time to explore the health giving benefits of each of the five elements of life, health and energy.

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An Invitation To: Awakening the Spirit Within: Level #1

Our “Awakening the Spirit Within” level #1 course is a unique creative program developed out of our own (Shoko and Michael Moynihan's) extensive spiritual education, practice and personal experiences over the last 35+ years. The following are some of the testimonials written by the participants who have taken our Level #1 class in the past.


*I tried these sorts of exercises in the past. They did not prove to be nearly as valuable or something I trusted in. However, the exercises in these classes proved very valuable and helpful. Having your given guidance and affirmation was invaluable. I would not have been able to progress so much without your guidance.

*I gained valuable tools for understanding myself (and more than myself).

*This has been a learning experience for me even at my age. I suddenly understand why I respond the way I do in some life situations.

*I loved the course. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving.

*The Holding Space exercise is a very powerful method, also journeying. I now have tools to access my higher-self.

*This course was amazing and I am so glad I was able to get in.

*The most important and transformative part of the course for me was to learn about the Heart Breath. Journeying has also been very important.

*Everything presented in the course was entirely new to me, so this opened up an all embracing spiritual world to me, which I had been seeking for many years.

*I loved getting in better touch with my subconscious and I’m so grateful to have made permanent contact with my higher self!

*Now I can almost always talk easily with my subconscious/intuition and get answers. It was delightful to realize that I’ve heard the voice of my higher-self before, and now we can speak whenever I need.

*The “Talk-Back” exercise was particularly helpful, and I keep using it to break through blocks and understand what’s behind them.

*I think everything was extremely well thought out, organized, and well planned. It was enlightening and wonderful.

Please contact us for details. 540-348-3441.

The location:

Mike and Shoko Moynihan’s residence: 298 Huffman Lane, Fairfield VA. (Fairfield is approximately 15 minutes north of Lexington.
Our house is within 5 minutes off Exit 200 on Rt. 81) TEL: 540-348-3441 e-mail:

The guideline of the 4-classes:

The following guideline is a general guideline, which may slightly be changed or modified if we receive further guidance and/or inspiration from our higher-selves.

*The theme of Level #1 is “Who am I?”

*Heart Breath. The Peruvian ways of removing heavy energy and filling with light energy.


*Your personal intention(s) for the course


*The importance of the 2nd chakra

*3-selves the functions and attributes of you 3 consciousnesses. Subconscious, Conscious Mind and Super-Conscious (Higher-Self).

*What does the Subconscious believe as a truth?

*The beliefs of the Subconscious vs. the thoughts of the Conscious Mind

*Reprogramming the Subconscious

*Talk-Back with the Conscious Mind

*The relationship between the 3-selves

* Your Sacred Inner Garden

*Shamanic Journey to your Sacred Garden

*Extra Sense Perception

*Brain Waves

*O.E.Q. (Open Ended Question)

*4-tools of the Visionaries

*Shamanic Journey to give and receive a gift or symbol

*3 levels of reality

*The true meaning of G.R.A.C.E.

*Shamanic Journeys to the helping spirits

*Shamanic Journey to the Primary Spirit Guide

*What is “Holding Space”?

*Practicing “Holding Space”

*Self-complimenting meditation

The cost of the course:
Please contact us directly for our current schedule of classes: 540-348-3441 or Email <>

*$200 for the entire 26 hours of instruction. 4 Sunday classes 11:00 am to 5:30 pm, which is not refundable for any reasons.

*Send an $100 deposit in order to save your place in the class.
Make the check payable to Shoko H. Moynihan, and send it to: 298 Huffman Lane, Fairfield, VA 24435

*The remaining balance $100 is due on the day of our first class.

*If you have any questions regarding Awakening the Spirit Within, Level #1,
please call us at 540-348-3441 or e-mail me <>.

Please let us hear from you as soon as possible. The class is limited in enrollment.
Once we have the set number of participants, we will close enrollment and you may have to wait for our next Level #1 class.

Also, please let us know if anybody you know (friends or family members) is interested in this course.
We will send him/her information upon request.


Shoko and Mike maintain a private practice doing both on site and remote Spirit guided healing sessions.

We utilize a broad spectrum of techniques acquired over the last 35 years including Shamanic journeying,

ancient meditation, energy medicine, and healing through modern thought concepts in physics.

Shoko also coordinates her Spirit guided medicine work with a private practice as

a master sclerologist /certified iridologist, and nutritional consultant.

Mike works together with Shoko as a Spirit guided medicine practitioner and certified nutritional consultant.

If you are in or near the Shenandoah Valley, please stop by.

For more information or to schedule an appointment just call Mike or Shoko 1-540-348-3441.

Two Great Free books on line

" Creating the Value of Life " by Fumihiko Iida : click here
Death is not the opposite of life.
Death is the opposite of birth.


The Art and Practice of Lucid Flight
by Yuji X
An instruction manual for waking up and flying in your dreams.


The Five Elements of Health,
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For more information please call Mike or Shoko.

1-800-654-4394 Toll Free.

English and Japanese speaking.
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Late night and weekend hours vary but you can always
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